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Episode 29 - Answering Questions from Randy

In this Episode I answer the questions Randy submitted via email.

My rig is a 50 amp, 2 a/c units and wondering what I would need for a generator to operate 5th wheel safely when we are away from campgrounds and what brand.

Ok another question, don’t know if you deal with tires. My new 2017 Forest River Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 5th wheel has Castle Rock ST225/75R15 tires and I read numerous postings that these are China tires and they call them China bombs and they are rated load range D. I am sure we are will be running heavy with all they new stuff. We should be ok with these tires for a while I hope. I am thinking about maybe American made Goodyear endurance tires load range E. Any thoughts.

The 5th wheel came with a grill to hang on the side of the slide out and it has a propane hose to quick connect to the rv, we want to use the road pro grill we have had for several years but I need to adapt from my auxiliary propane bottle hose we was using [...]

Episode 28 - Answering Questions about Purchasing Complete Slide out Awnings

In this Episode Eric Stark explains in simple terms the steps ypu take to get an accurate price quote and which slide out awnig brand he prefers. Eric also explains why there could large gaps in price quotes if you are price shopping. As always the episode is short and to the point.

#13 KBLU AM 560

This is the final show of our winter season. I just did not have enough time to continue doing the show and somethjing just had to go. The owner of Atlast Clean Carpet gave some expert advice on cleaning RV carpets and interiors. 

#12 Live KBLU AM 560

This show was primarily about RV fires and ways to prevent RV fires and minimize damage. We also talked about RV Window Covers and the benefits of covering the windows.

#11 Live KBLU AM 560

Eric Stark interviewed Carl and Russ about how they came to their decisions to buy new versus used Motorhomes. Russ also delved into his new experience as a Full Time RV’er and the various adjustments he has had to make. I also explained the reasons why SunPro Mfg and Arizona RV Parts Center has a great Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric.

SunPro Mfg Slide Out Awning Fabrics

#10 Live KBLU AM 560

We had a nice show about Executing Warranties locally and what and what not to do to get better service. The benefits of Lippert Components Correct Tract Trailer Alignment system. We also discussed the benefits of Never Fail Suspension Bushings also from Lippert Components. And I also gave some cautions on using home made products and or chemicals.

Lippert Component Correct Tract - Lippert Component Never Fail Bushings

#9 Live KBLU AM 560

This show is focused on Aqua Hot Heating Systems. Aqua Hot Systems provide continuous Hot Water and a Very Balanceded Zone based heating system for the entire RV. Jason from Accurate RV explained in detail how to maintain an Aqua Hot Sytem and when it is time to call an in expert. If you are in the market to purchase a new Motorhome this might help in your purchase choice. If I were buying a New or used RV I would make sure it had an Aqua Hot Heating system in it. It will pay for itself and it is just an awesome solution to Heat an RV and provide endless Hot Water for that long shower when you really want it.

Check Out Aqua Hots Website for tons of great and informative information!

#8 Live KBLU AM 560

In this show I explore the how to’s of buying the correct vent lid the first time around and more importantly how to buy the correct size Escape Hatch Lid the first time. We call all of our customers who purchase an escape hatch lid on our websoite to make sure it is correct and 90% of the time is it ordered wrong. Even though we have all of the specs and dimensions in the description.  

I also wanted to share some thoughts on Slide Out Seals when it becomes time to repalce them and what to do if yours is not available. Russ Clark who is a local radio personality and the former owner of Napa Auto Parts was in the studio and joined the conversation. He is living in his newly purchased 2002 Dolphin Motorhome Full Time for one year and recently he replaced his slide out seals.

Russ also asked some good questions that would apply to many of the DIY’ers. I pointed out some simple things to do before the technician arrived and also some simple repair type of [...]

#7 Live KBLU AM 560

This show I explored the options of replacing a cooling unit with a re-manufactured one versus replacing the RV Refrigerator. I have never recommended doing until now! Listen Why? I shared my thoughts on tying down RV Patio Awnings and the pros and cons of doing and how to do it well. Safety First! LP Hoses and Fittings, don’t go cheap, listen and here why.

Pines RV Refrigeration

#6 Live KBLU 560 AM

On this show I covered RV Surge Protectors discussed if they are really necessary for RV’ers. Progressive Industries and Surge Guard are the two major brands for RV’s and both have solid reputations for quality. I also covered many other micro topics that are all RV Realated. 

#5 Live KBLU 560 AM

On this show I had Carl in studio. Carl is my assitant technician and we covered several subjects about being safe and paying the professionals when your safety comes into question. Aded some new information about past shows and recommended some websites to check out., Minnesota Roofing, RV Tire Safety.

We talked about LED lights and all of the cool and useful uses for them and just a lot of tips and pointers about your RV. 

#4 Live KBLU 560 AM

This show is about Trailer Tire Safety and the various aspects of maintaining Trailer Tires. There is a lot more to Trailer Tires than most RV’ers are willing to tend to. The life is not based on available tread but, instead it is based on age. The entire RV is riding on 4 tires that are usually neglected and overloaded.

#3 Live KBLU 560 AM

This show was about many different subjects with water heater maintenance being the main subject. I also gave a Shout Out to the DIY RV’ers and the desire to do repairs on their own. I gave a couple of specific examples that took place this week.  

Shared some information on Fender Skirts and what is currently available today. Icon Technologies is a leader of Fender Skirts for trailers. Icon also Carries A/C Shrouds, Sky Lights and some other unique products that can be hard to track down.


#2 Live KBLU 560 AM

This show was Sponsored by Dometic and Rob from Dometic was in the studio for a nice interview about Dometic products and the various things RV’ers can do to improve performance or cure problems. Dometic manufactures RV Refrigerators, Duo Therm A/C’s, A&E Awnings, Slide Topper Slide Out Awnings and they own a host of other brands such as Atwood Mobile Products. 

#1 Live KBLU 560 AM

This is the first live show on KBLU 560 AM. Introduction and background information and various DIY projects and preventative maintenance. Rubber Roofs and maintaining them. 

Each show will be about about one or two specific subjects or a variety of subjects.

Episode 27 - The RV Manufacturer today disregards Quality

The Modern RV Manufacturer is stuck in the past days of poor quality and customer service.

Episode 26 - Lippert Components and Power Gear

Episode 26 is about Lippert Components (LCI) purchase of Power Gear, Kwikee Products, Awnbrella Awning Bows and the decline in customer service in many levels.

Episode 25 - Entertainment & Pico Projectors

It’s time to take the entertainment out of the RV to the great out doors or at least underneath the RV Awning. In this episode I discuss some nice projector options for watching TV and Movies outside of the RV with several friends with some room to move around rather than being crowded inside the Motorhome or Trailer. I recommend the AAXA Technologies Pico Projectors because they come in some very compact sizes, some as small as a smart phone.

Episode 24 - Pest Control with Sniff n Stop

Natural essential oils have been used for thousands of years to safely deter pests. Using modern polymer science we developed and patented a method of increasing their effectiveness by encapsulating, time-releasing, and amplifying them, all at

the molecular level.


Essential oils are encapsulated, amplified, and time-released from inside a negatively charged polymer. Amplified by natural energy sources, the negatively charged essential oil molecules are drawn to positively charged pests [...]

Episode 23 - Lp Fittings and Adapters Part #2

In this Episode I talk about safety and how to Identify and explain what you are looking for to the parts guy. Quite often the terminology makes it hard for you to explain and harder for the Parts Guy to see your vision. I lay it out in simple terms. I also explain certain things that have to work in specific ways for additional appliance to work properly.