18oz Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement Fabric

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  • 18oz Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement Fabric
  • 18oz Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement Fabric
  • 18oz Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement Fabric


18oz Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement Fabric

At Sunpro Mfg we make all of our RV Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement fabrics with quality in mind. Our fabrics carry a 3 or 5 Year Warranty and will outlast the factory fabric. We have found that the factory fabrics last between 5-7 years in our local area. We use a UV Protected High Quality multi-layered laminated fabric to resist premature fabric deterioration and color loss. We make them for most RV Slide Out Awnings. A&E and Carefree of Colorado use an 11oz material that just does not compare to Our 13oz & 18oz Awning Fabric.

What Makes our Slide Out Awning Fabrics Better? In order to sustain a High Quality product we use a State of the Art Autometrix Cutting Table to ensure Precision cuts with Square or True Corners and to finish it off we Do Not use Thread to attach the beading that slides into the roller tube and awning rail.

Once again we are using State of the Art equipment. We use a Digital Welder to weld the bead into the fabric and create an edge that is stronger than the fabric itself. There is no thread to come undone or deteriorate in the elements. This is the Cool part, with the welded beads the fabric is Much easier to install, you can actually push the fabric if you have to do it by yourself. RV Technicians love this, it saves them time and money.

And with a 3 or 5 Year Warranty how can you go wrong, if it fails we will send you a new one @ no charge and extend the warranty as if it is a new purchase.
Shipping: Free/Flat Rate shipping in Continuous US only.

To sum it up:
High Quality Fabric, State of the Art Equipment, Awesome Warranty & Everything is made in the United States. Not one of our components or machines are made over seas.
RV Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric:
18oz Fabric w/ 5 Year Warranty
For more information about Slide Out Fabrics Listen to our Podcast!
Please Read Before You Order!

There are several different types of RV Slide Out Awning/Fabrics and they can have different size beads sewn into them making them model specific and not universal. Below is a listing of the different types and configurations of RV Slide Out Awnings.

A&E (Dometic)

Full Cover Slide - You can't see the roller tube, it has a full cover, covering the roller tube and is mounted on the slide it itself. Large & Small Bead

9000 Series - The 9000 series has an aluminum weather shield that wraps around the roller tube when the slide is in the closed position. The weather shield is stationary on the side of the RV. Medium & Small Bead
8500 Series - The 8500 series does not have any kind of cover or weather shield, the roller tube and fabric are visible with the slide in or out. Large & Small Bead

Carefree of Colorado:
All Carefree Slide Out Covers have a Large and Small bead.
We do not carry Acrylic (Canvas) fabrics for the Omega (Has Window Awning Option) Slide Out Awnings.
We can make a Vinyl Replacement fabric or get an Acrylic Fabric from Carefree if that is what you prefer.
To replace your Omega fabric it is best to call us for details and pricing. 800-789-5588

Please Make Note:
• Before you place your order make sure of what you have and we usually can avoid any complications.
• We make all of our fabrics approximately 49" wide unless otherwise directed.
The extra material will just roll up on the roller tube and it will not Damage or Weaken the Springs as some of our Competitors suggest. Seriously, How would the springs know if there is extra fabric on the roller tube. With that being said, if you want less material just let us know and we will gladly make it to your specifications.

Please put the information we need in the comments box upon check out.

If you have an A&E Slide Out Awning please note that the Center Shaft on the torsion assembly should not be able to move from side to side or top to bottom, if it does, this indicates the center bearing is broken and the torsion assembly will need to be replaced.

18oz RV Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric:
• 18oz available in White & Black.
• 5 Year Warranty
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18 Reviews

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Douglas Luther on Apr 30th 2018

    Easy to install. Great quality.

  • 4
    packaging could be better.

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 12th 2018

    The product was great and cut correct. The only thing that should be improved is the packaging for shipping. I would have paid more for the cloth to be rolled onto a tube. Left some creases that I don't know will come out, even over time.

  • 5
    Slideout awning replacement

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 29th 2017

    Ordering was easy, decided on this company after viewing their product video. Liked the idea of having welded seams & accurate cutting.
    After ordering, shipping was immediate. Product received before other products previously ordered from other companies.
    Installation went forward without a hitch.

  • 5
    Super Quality But....

    Posted by Weldon on Aug 11th 2017

    I ordered two replacements for our slide-outs. Both fit correctly and were easy to replace. One side had a solid spline, and the other had what looked like LOWES/HD screen door hollow spline. If it doesn't pullout I'm happy. Time will tell. Sunpro's response: We have been using the rubber spline for various products we make for over 15 years and have not experienced any problems. The spline would fall under the 5 year warranty as well.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Al Sellers on Jul 18th 2017

    Very good quality fabric. Reasonably easy install for a first timer. I am very pleased to save $$$ over a dealer install!

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Dave S. on Jun 9th 2017

    I got the heavy duty slide topper and installed it myself.
    It was worth the wait...good product, fast shipping and
    Very informative customer service.

  • 5
    Retired Person Easy!

    Posted by JJ Kent on Jun 4th 2017

    Ordered fabric for 2 slide outs on my Motorhome, customer service told me exactly how to measure for a gret fit.
    I've only done one but it was no problem even though I'm no longr in my prime and a novice....just saying, if an old lady can do this, so can anyone!
    Also...super fast delivery!

  • 5

    Posted by John on May 17th 2017

    Fast turn around, excellent product. Already working on the next order.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Jackie Gibbs on Apr 10th 2017

    Seems like a heavier product than the original material. Installed myself without any problems.

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